TILTA DSLR Shoulder Rig
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This TILTA DSLR Shoulder Rig has it all.. matte box, follow focus, baseplate with integrated V-Loc mounting bracket for quick release off your tripod or boom arm, and infinitely adjustable ergonomic hand grips. Monitor arm is also included with standard rig and if you do not currently have a monitor, you should definitely consider the Ruige TL-S500HD. They have great reviews and you can't beat the price even it will be a second monitor.  

Precision CNC machined black annodized aluminum frame complimented with a carbon fiber matte box and stainless steel hardware make this rig an unbeatable value.


1 x fluid damped follow focus with adjustable stops

5 x extra flexible lens gear rings

1 x 0.5mm pitch gear

1 x 0.6mm pitch gear

1 x 0.8mm pitch gear

1 x 250mm flexible steer whip

1 x 400mm flexible steer whip

1 x follow focus handle

1 x matte box

1 x V-block compatible baseplate

3 x curved arms

2 x universal hand grips

1 x top hand grip

1 x variable friction monitor arm

1 x universal lens support

4 x 200mm aluminum rods

2 x 300mm aluminum rods

1 x Custom Flight Case